Strengthening the local and national protection systems and service delivery capacities
Qudra 2 in Lebanon supports Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) at national, regional (district/ CASA) and local (SDCs) levels in the further development and implementation of the new National Strategic Plan for Child Protection (CP) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) aiming that girls, boys and women at risk and survivors of violence, exploitation and abuse have access to an improved and equitable prevention and response.

Promoting protection measures for the self-developmentĀ and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults
Qudra 2 will consolidate the protection/ CP activities implemented under Qudra 1 in the 8 selected SDCs and increase their outreach to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of vulnerable populations with focus on children and women, both Lebanese and Syrians, as well as will ensure protection of vulnerable individuals, especially people at risk of SGBV, persons with specific needs, disabled, youth, single mother, children and elderlies.