Story of Sondos

“Through the [mural painting] activity I participated in, some of the Syrian students and I got to know each other well and even exchanged numbers. As a result, we started to communicate every day and some of our friendships became stronger like the one I formed with a Syrian girl named Ghufran. We still communicate to this day, and she has become one of my very best friends” says Sondos who participated in mural painting as part of the extracurricular activities in Jordan supported by Qudra 2.

The extracurricular activities had a direct impact on social cohesion. Children participated in mixed-nationality group activities, where a safe space is created for building new friendships between the groups, which has positive spill-over effects for parents. Syrian and Jordanian students made positive contacts that continued outside of the school by forging friendships, developing a sense of belonging, building trust and collaborating with members of other community members, refugees and host community members respectively.

Qudra 2 supports youth and children through extracurricular sports and cultural activities to foster sense of inclusion and belonging, equality and social cohesion and to feel accepted and integrated into their communities.

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