A Social Market for the common good

Küçükçekmece Municipality, with the support of Qudra 2, promotes solidarity, sustainability, and equality. The municipality’s Social Market Project aims to strengthen solidarity, promote sustainable consumption habits, and achieve equality and justice in the city.
Küçükçekmece Municipality Social Market offers a variety of food and hygiene items, and shoppers are provided with credits based on their needs as determined by social workers. The project ensures equal benefits for all residents.

The social market is a pilot to test alternatives to the food support provided by the municipality. It replaces food baskets with a credit system that enables them to choose their own priorities and shop at the market. This allows the recipients greater choice and allows them to identify their own priorities.
In addition, the Küçükçekmece Municipality continues its Food Bank programme, which has gained strength through community solidarity in recent years. Social service experts review applications and determine which families are eligible to benefit from the Food Bank. The financial status of shoppers is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that assistance goes to those who need it most. The social market and the food bank are also supported with refrigerated vehicles for collecting donated food items from companies or producers.

Qudra 2 supports Küçükçekmece Municipality in its commitment to promoting social solidarity, sustainability, and equality in Küçükçekmece, while providing support to those in need through innovative programs and partnerships.

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