Sports foster development, quality education and social cohesion 

In Jordan, the Qudra 2 programme, in cooperation with the BMZ-funded programme “Sport for Development”, implemented by GIZ, continues to support more than 9,000 vulnerable children from the host communities and Syrian refugees from 25 schools located in the governorates of Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq, and Balqa, by implementing a series of football and ultimate frisbee tournaments during and after school hours. 

50 trained teachers from 25 schools attended a workshop that aimed at deepening their knowledge and improving capabilities to provide a safe, friendly, and supportive atmosphere to offer equal opportunities for vulnerable children of various age groups, regardless of their gender, social and cultural backgrounds to participate in sports activities. 

Sports for Development also trained 20 young students trained as “Youth Leaders” who will assist teachers and coaches in implementing inclusive sports activities in public schools in Jordan. Moreover, 50 university students were trained in sports for development methodology, inclusion through sports, and how to plan and conduct sport festivals. The trained students will be conducting Ultimate Frisbee sport activities to vulnerable children in the community centres, in addition to holding sport festivals.  

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