Towards an Improved School Transport Model for Schools in Jordan

Qudra 2 supports the Jordanian Ministry of Education in developing an accessible, safe, reliable, and affordable transport service for public schools.

Jordan needs robust, sustainable public school transport services to reduce barriers to education, especially for disadvantaged children. Qudra 2, in cooperation with its partner Engicon, is addressing this challenge by supporting the Ministry of Education to develop an accessible, safe, reliable, and affordable transport service for public schools.

Engicon consulted field directorates, school principals and local community representatives in the northern governorate of Mafraq, and the southern governorates, to assess gaps, needs, and other elements directly impacting school transport operations.

Various quantitative and qualitative methods were applied to understand transport needs and offerings on the ground comprehensively. The survey results show that more than 50% of students surveyed need a school transport service. These students live far from the school or need financial aid.

Together with its partners, Qudra 2 is exploring solutions that address these children’s needs. A sustainable subsidy model for school transport for vulnerable children is being developed with international agencies and government bodies, including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC).

The programme is also working on digital solutions to increase the reliability and safety of school transport. A mobile application is being developed that provides parents with a convenient way to monitor their child’s trip in real-time, thereby increasing trust and safety.

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