Providing Employment Support Services to Improve Employment Opportunities for Youth

The Qudra 2 programme supports youth in Jordan to develop the skills that help them improve their access to employment opportunities.

One form of this support is the provision of career guidance and counselling services (CGC) for young jobseekers jointly by Qudra 2 and the German Cooperation project “Qualification Oriented to Employment in the Craft”.

The collaboration was initiated because both projects support vocational training courses, career guidance, and counselling services for Jordanian and Syrian refugee youth. Through close cooperation, the two programmes pool resources and expertise to better support our partners and young people in Jordan.

In a pilot phase, the programmes jointly developed curricula and guidelines for local training providers. These products outline four pillars for career guidance: (i) self-awareness, (ii) opportunity awareness, (iii) developing alternative career paths and (iv) career preparation.

Together with five local partners, pilots were implemented in 13 locations in Jordan, including centres in Amman, Irbid, Karak, Mafraq, Tafileh and Zarqa. Over the last three months, two project partners from the Ministry of Labour, National Employment and the Training Company, Vocational Training Corporation, Luminus Technical College University and Education for Employment – Jordan, have conducted CGC training sessions.

So far, 1,000 beneficiaries have participated in the training sessions, which aim to support the transition from education to the labour market.

Another activity for Qudra 2 includes cooperation with “SkillLab”, a social enterprise that developed the IT-based “SkillLab” application. The application provides job seekers with skills assessments, skills-based matching, access to vacancies, career counselling and job-application support to guide them to turn their skills into careers.

During an onboarding training organised for Qudra 2 partners on 19 October 2022, participants learned to properly use the “SkillLab” application and familiarise themselves with its functions and features. The training participants can now use this IT platform to help jobseekers to match their skills with private sector demands.

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