Mobile Film Production for Refugee Stories

CFI Medias organised another round of Mobile Film Production for Refugee Stories in partnership with the Al Jazeera Media Institute. The training gathered 14 journalists, over half female, from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

Both theory and practical sessions were offered throughout the four-day training programme. Participants were introduced to the scenario, video editing, and music selection concepts. They learnt how to use the built-in mobile camera for filming and were introduced to vital applications such as the FilmicPro, for filming and Kinemaster for editing. Participants then had the opportunity to apply their theoretical learning. The third and fourth days were dedicated to preparing the individual projects. Each participant had to think of a creative idea and turn it into a film produced through the mobile camera using all the tools and skills they gained. This challenged the participants, many of whom had not yet produced a video on their mobile, but it proved rewarding. The experience yielded some successful videos of refugee stories.

“In addition to the technical and media skills that we have acquired, this program has added a new human and professional purpose to our lives and has given us the opportunity and a way to express our thoughts and vision to the audience.”
Reem Al Khatib – Syrian Freelance Journalist

Videos produced by the participant journalists

Story of Syrian refugees against discriminatory news Watch here the how to tackle fake news and avoid discriminatory news about Syrian refugees / By Mrs Cendrella Azar

Story of Reem “I exist and will forever exist!” / By Mrs Reem Al Khatib

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