Delivery of compactors for garbage collection to six municipalities

In Jordan, the Qudra 2 programme supports six municipalities in the Northern governorate of Mafraq to work alongside civil society to provide transparent and inclusive basic services for all their residents.

As part of Qudra 2’s support to the six municipalities, the programme handed over seven compactors for garbage collection to enhance the municipalities’ effectiveness of their waste management public services.

The handover event took place at the Mercedes facilities in the Zarqa free zone on 15 December 2022 and was attended by HE Miguel de Lucas, Spanish Ambassador to Jordan, who handed over the keys of the waste collection trucks to the mayors of the six municipalities of Rihab, Hosha, Sarhan, Manshyat Bani Hasan, Basiliyeh and Great Mafraq.

“We encourage local administrations to continue working on this sector to build up cleaner cities by allying with citizens to jointly achieve this goal. Involving citizens and organised civil society would be basic elements for the transformation of the municipalities”, said HE Miguel de Lucas, Spanish Ambassador to Jordan, during the delivery event.

Mr. Nasser Al-Khazaleh, Mayor of Great Mafraq expressed, “These compactors will help us to provide a better waste management public service for our communities”.

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