Story of Abdelraheem Halawah

Jordanian Youth Pursues his Design Dream in TVET

Abdelraheem Halawah, a 19-year-old Jordanian, has much to teach us about perseverance. Not passing his secondary school examinations was no reason not to pursue his dreams.

When he did not pass his secondary school examinations, Abelraheem was disappointed but not disheartened.

Because he loves cooking, Abdelraheem started researching training opportunities online. “I started looking for scholarships over the internet. I applied through a Facebook link published by Education for Employment-Jordan (EFE-Jordan)”.

“When I learned that I had been accepted into the programme in September 2021, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I realised that I had a chance to prove and improve myself. I knew things were going to change for me”, shared Abdelraheem.

Abelraheem’s dream is to become a pastry chef to support his family. He passed his theoretical and practical courses in the sweets-making course. His hard work impressed Faris Ghouka, HR manager at Le Royal Hotel and Resorts, where Abdelraheem conducted his practical training as part of Qudra 2’s work-based learning (WBL) approach. At the end of his training, he was offered a full-time job as a pastry dessert assistant.

I saw potential in Abdelraheem and offered him a full-time job at our hotel’s sweets kitchen. Today, he’s an employee with potential to grow and thrive in the sector. Le Royal Hotels and Resorts provides work-based learning opportunities to youth and fresh graduates because we believe that youth must have the experience in a real working environment to further acquire the skills they need for today’s labour market”.

-Faris Ghouka, HR Manager at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts

Reflecting on what it means not to pass his secondary school examinations, Abdelraheem has a message for those searching for direction: “be persistent, sometimes even stubborn: Goals and dreams are achievable, and dreaming will help you get there”, said Abdelraheem, adding, “after this scholarship, I am a step closer to where I want to be. This is just the start, however, without the scholarship supported by Qudra 2, I have no idea how things might have turned out”.

As part of the Qudra 2 programme, Enabel developed a Work-Based Learning (WBL) model in Jordan in consultation with vocational education and training sector stakeholders, including the government, training providers and private enterprises. WBL introduces an element of practical vocational training in real-world environments in collaboration with private sector enterprises.

“The objective of the intervention is to enhance employment outcomes, particularly for Syrian and vulnerable Jordanian youth and women”, notes Zaid Al-Qaisi, Enabel’s Intervention Manager.

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