Towards a More Inclusive Basic Service Delivery

In Turkey, Community Support Projects (CSPs) support municipalities in making services better and more inclusive. One focus of CSPs has been on providing more and better psychosocial support (PSS). Through community projects, municipalities provide accessible services, raise awareness of mental health issues, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

For example, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality established a help desk and a mobile health team under the Migration Department of the Municipality. The project aimed to reach out to individuals with disabilities and chronic diseases living in rural areas with limited access to health and psychosocial services. 2,000 people with disabilities have benefited from the PSS sessions. The sessions were conducted through household visits or provided in the health centre of the migration department. Usually, one session is held to identify if there is an acute problem and depending on the need, clients are referred to relevant institutions.

In Istanbul, Küçükçekmece Municipality established the Migrant and Refugee Coordination Center established to offer PSS services to refugees. Psychologists offer advice to refugees and recommend those who have more severe mental health issues to hospital psychiatric facilities. The center also attempts to help people fit into the community and build relationships, thereby increasing persons’ overall well-being. 400 people are expected to benefit from the support.

Overall, 4,185 women and children have benefited from PSS services provided under the CSPs so far. 1,016 children and youth participated in protection activities through arts and sports.