Revival of Land Covered with Sadness and Despair

Muhammed Ahmed Abed Khader is a 50-year-old farmer from the Al-Alam district in Salah al-Din Governorate, Iraq. He comes from a family of farmers that have practised agriculture for years. He earns his living with what he grows on his land. Due to power cuts, the high price of seeds, fertilisers and other agricultural supplies, and the lack of government support, his harvest has been lean, despite owning three greenhouses. He views his land as a friend with whom he shares his life.

When he heard that Al-Aghsan Foundation for Agriculture & Environment Development supports greenhouse owners with seeds, fertilisers, and pesticides, as well as following up on the growth of plants and crops, he said, “I can picture a green field again”. Since receiving support from Al-Aghsan, his greenhouses are covered with protective nylon, and he is supported with the necessary supplies to revive his greenhouses.

Al-Aghsan Foundation, with the support of the Qudra 2 programme, provides training to help farmers to cultivate crops in their greenhouses.