Peacebuilding Led by Women

Giving vulnerable groups the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate time is a form of empowerment. It gives individuals the ability to decide what is best for themselves and their families and can make the difference between being a victim and a survivor.

In Lebanon, Qudra 2 works with the online media initiative Sharika Wa Laken (SWL) to make sure women have access to reliable information aiming to strengthen social cohesion/stability between communities. So far, four informative awareness-raising videos on violence against women and girls, women’s rights and online gender-based violence have been produced and disseminated, reaching more than 35,500 people. Besides articles, infographics, video-graphs and photo stories have been disseminated on different platforms.

SWL supports refugee women and adolescent girls by creating daily content to raise women’s awareness of their rights. They tell women’s stories that speak to every woman and girl, highlighting their needs, and sharing their experiences with a message to reassure women’s presence and protection on online and offline platforms.

In its capacity as a dependable organization to whom women and girls can turn when in need of assistance, SWL also disseminates resources that can help people overcome injustices. In addition to listening to their suffering, SWL directs women to other reputable organizations that offer economic, social, legal, and psychiatric help.

While Lebanon is going through an economic and social crisis, community demands are growing while poverty is expanding, leading to conflicts across communities.

In its work, SWL emphasizes how important social cohesion and peacebuilding are in hard times for both refugees and host communities and how important women’s roles are in this area.