Painting the Walls with Their Hopes and Dreams!

100 children worked together to paint a massive mural in Doueir Public School in Lebanon. The mural allowed the children to express their feelings, hopes and dreams for the future. In parallel, our local partner Mouvement Social also conducted various activities to keep the children engaged in social activities and support them in releasing stress and other negative emotions.

Before the event, the children participated in a briefing session with a team of artists from the organisation Artolution, guiding the children during the painting process. During the briefing session, the children expressed their connection and attachment to their families, homes, and dreams for the future through drawings.

The mural reflects the children’s beliefs by showcasing what is most important to them.

Expertise France organised the event in close partnership with Mouvement Social, Doueir Social Development Centre (affiliated with the Ministry of Social Affairs), Doueir Public school, Doueir municipality and the Artolution team.