Developing the Skills that Can Land Jobs

Mafraq Governorate hosts the highest number of Syrian refugees. In cooperation with our local partner, National Employment & Training (NET), Qudra 2 supports training courses that address the needs and gaps in the labour market.

In Mafraq Governorate, Jordan, Qudra 2’s local partner National Employment & Training (NET), provided sewing courses for 25 women. The courses are held in centres close to their homes, making it easier for women to attend and reducing the risk of drop-outs in a neighbourhood where many women are reluctant to leave their houses.

In this one-month training course, women learnt new skills in tailoring and sewing. Their new skills improve their chances in the labour market. Of the 25 participants, two women started their own home-based business, and four women are employed and earn a living by sewing.