Women and Children Find Meaning in Arts & Crafts

In Lebanon, the Qudra 2 programme reinforces the national protection system by supporting the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) and improving the protection of vulnerable populations among refugees and host communities.

While mothers were busy making the most delicious chocolate and sweets for their children, kids enjoyed drawing, painting, puppet shows and creating “recycled art”.

Our local partners, Tabitha Relief and Development and Expertise France, in close coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and its Social Development Centres, continue to provide Arts & Crafts sessions to vulnerable children and women living in the regions of Choueifat (Aley), Baysour (Aley) and Chhim (Chouf), Mount Lebanon.

“Recycled arts”, drawing, painting, and puppet shows boost children’s creativity while they learn from each other. The sessions are designed to expand their imagination, explore their emotions, and develop life skills such as problem-solving, self-expression, and identifying their abilities and interests. Children gain confidence by communicating and uncovering their hidden talents as they learn to express who they are.

Opposite to where the young artists are working, you see women engaged in sweet and chocolate making and music therapy or participating in gardening sessions and loom knitting sessions. Especially for sweets and chocolate making, a safe space is provided for women to gain knowledge and improve their skills to enhance access to income-creating opportunities.

One of the 14 women who participated in the sweets and chocolate making has started her own business with her signature healthy recipes.

Qudra 2, with its partners, supports women to improve their self-awareness, reduce their stress and build self-esteem that will all contribute to improving their emotional well-being and economic opportunities.