Municipalities and Social Cohesion: Dialogue and Best Practices Workshop

In Turkey, Qudra 2 supports exchange among municipalities and other stakeholders such as civil society organisations (CSOs) or international organisations.

A recent “Dialogue and Best Practices” workshop brought together the representatives of CSOs, donor institutions and other national and international organisations with representatives of Turkish public institutions including The Presidency Office of Migration Management, the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, and the Directorate General for Local Governments of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change. During the workshop, participants discussed a common understanding of social cohesion in Turkey and the role of municipalities in promoting social cohesion.

As one of the main outcomes of the event, municipalities expressed that they had difficulties in getting in contact with CSOs. CSOs representatives welcomed the interest of municipalities to design and implement projects focusing on social cohesion.

Representatives of the participating institutions discussed possible cooperation projects.