A Community that provides better services for all its residents

In Jordan, Qudra 2 supports six municipalities in the northern governorate of Mafraq. We support projects that enable municipalities to work alongside civil society to provide better services for all their residents. A participatory approach involving the local community was used to analyse the needs of each municipality. An inclusive and participatory approach allowed all community members to express their needs and ideas on issues that affect their daily lives.

Using this approach resulted in prioritising the following needs: cleaner and more environmentally sustainable cities, more spaces for leisure activities, employment opportunities and access to water. Each municipality was supported to develop an action plan to start the process of addressing these needs.

These plans will be implemented in coordination with local civil society groups. To this end, community centres will be established to offer school support, meeting and leisure spaces for the community, including sports areas, especially for women. For cleaner cities, garbage collection systems will be improved, and compactor trucks will be purchased. Furthermore, for refugee women in particular, job opportunities will be generated through cooperation between the private sector and the municipalities.

All the spaces promoted within the programme will be environmentally friendly.

The first projects have been completed: 100 waste containers have been delivered to the municipalities of Al-Basilieh and Hosha, which will help them to become cleaner municipalities, thus providing more friendly spaces for their communities.