Iraq – Quick Impact Projects

Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) – Meeting communities’ basic needs

In health, water, electricity supply and education, Qudra 2 supports local governmental units and civil society organisations’ capacities to deliver transparent and inclusive essential services. Our primary support is delivered through participatory small-scale “Quick Impact Projects” for vulnerable communities.

Local government units were supported to effectively and efficiently identify and act on the needs of their communities. Community members have been actively involved in the planning and implementation of QIPs. Individuals are informed and consulted to identify and prioritise community needs and discuss the QIPs planned in their districts.

Twenty-seven QIPs have been finalised, reaching 85,000 individuals. 90 QIPs are currently ongoing and are estimated to reach an additional 1,620,000 individuals, 35% of whom are refugees, and 50% women. Priority was given to improving water and electricity supply to residential areas, ensuring road safety, access to health services, and adequate education facilities. QIPs have, for example, supported the drilling of deep wells and provision of water to surrounding areas or supporting Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC) by constructing or rehabilitating facilities.

Through our collaboration with our government partners and our local implementing partners, training on technical operation and maintenance of electrical works was offered primarily to youth and women. Additionally, municipal management capacities and community participation are improved to continue beyond the initial QIPs.