Iraq – Employment Promotion and Income Generation

In Iraq, Qudra 2 continues its efforts to get young people into jobs. The programme supports training courses in sectors where employers are looking for employees. Courses are implemented together with the private sector. The focus is on the agriculture sector and hands-on, practical skills training courses on electricity, maintenance, textile manufacturing and poultry production. In total, more than more than 2,300 individuals will receive training.

Qudra 2 supports 106 female and 242 male youth in rural areas to find livelihoods in agriculture. Agriculture is an important employment provider in Iraq’s economy. The support is holistic as young people have the opportunity to work while learning. Furthermore, they are linked to private sector companies and local markets as potential customers.

Qudra 2’s partner, Al-Aghsan Foundation, provides training and livestock to participants. A small greenhouse has been set up for demonstration purposes. Here, students and farmers can learn about new technologies that improve yields while reducing vulnerability to environmental risks. Visitors are exposed to a diverse range of crops which can also increase market access.

Besides agriculture, Qudra 2 cooperates with the private sector and local partners to provide hands-on, demand-driven training courses in health, ICT, agriculture, textile and crafts. A recent electrical training programme, concluded with the private company Future Electric, resulted in all 85 youth from vulnerable backgrounds being employed by the company.

In parallel, as part of our cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), life skills development for 20 vocational trainers from the vocational training centres of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) has been provided.