“Health to your hands” – Community Projects Supporting Handicraft Production and Fighting COVID-19

In Turkey, “Ellerinize sağlık” or “health to your hands” is a commonly used phrase to compliment someone for excellence in cooking or crafts. It certainly applies to the women honing their handicraft skills in toy and masks production in Qudra 2 partner municipalities’ community projects. Read more.

30,000 masks for disadvantaged communities in Şahinbey

Women at Şahinbey Municipality youth centres have improved their abilities and supported their communities by simultaneously learning handicrafts while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

One hundred and twenty women were trained to produce almost 30,000 medical masks distributed among disadvantaged communities by the municipality. The women also learned to produce beautiful traditional clothes, bags, and other goods that they sell either through individual channels or at the fair organised by the municipality organised.

Wooden toys handcrafted by local women

In Kahramanmaraş, İSAR Association, in collaboration with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, has initiated a two-fold approach for its community project focusing on skills: skills development & private sector cooperation.

Through a project called “We Produce and Grow Together,” 25 Syrian and Turkish women who expressed interest in learning about “wooden toy production” received training to improve their skills and produce high-quality wooden toys for kids. The toys are being sold all over Turkey through a website established solely for this purpose.

The Association promotes the toys in private schools, kindergartens, and day-care centres. The revenue goes directly to the women beneficiaries allowing them to support themselves and their families. Women working together during the training also increases community ties and social cohesion.

İSAR also targets young university students in the city. 75 Turkish, Syrian, and other international students are provided with seminars to prepare them for their professional lives after university. Seminars on e-commerce, entrepreneurship and personal development for business life are provided at the university to strengthen the connection between public and private institutions.