Software Development for Vulnerable Youth

Freelance jobs that only require a laptop and internet connectivity offer youth and women in remote areas the opportunity to access wellpaid employment in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Young people need the proper software development, computing, language, and soft skills to seize these opportunities. Qudra 2 works with the project “Software Development for Vulnerable Youth” by Luminus for Social Development (LMNS) to provide young people with the skills they need. Read more.

So far, 819 students are enrolled in the Code Fellows software development course at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) – Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair School of Advanced Computing. Two hundred students attended online career guidance and employability skills courses to prepare them for the labour market. Job fairs were conducted to link the programme graduates with the labour market, and 64 employers were added to the LTUC employment partners’ list to employ the programme graduates.

LMNS is cooperating with local companies, local community-based organisations (CBOs) and online platforms such as the Syrian Youth Assembly, Jordan Engineers Association, Mahteen Jordan and many more for scholarship opportunities. Furthermore, LMNS focuses on cooperation with local universities and the UNHCR.

Key achievements

  • 630 graduated from the 201 Code Fellows Software Development training
  • 450 graduated from the 301 Code Fellows Software Development training
  • 205 graduated from the 401 Code Fellows Software Development training
  • 41% of graduates were women
  • 55 graduates found employment after completing the four levels of software development training
  • Graduates are reporting an average salary of 680 USD