Promoting a Supportive Environment for Jobseekers and Recent Employees

In Jordan, many young people do not have the skills that employers require. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even harder for them to find suitable jobs and stay in a job when they find one. Vulnerable persons are even more affected by these trends. Qudra 2 promotes a supportive environment for job seekers and employees by working with vocational training institutes, employment offices, and the private sector. Read more.

Qudra 2 targets sectors with a demand for jobs and provides hands-on training and internships for many trainees. In addition, the Qudra 2 programme delivers a supportive environment for job seekers and supports companies employing job seekers to provide decent jobs.

Helping Young People Find Suitable Jobs

To help young people find suitable jobs, Qudra 2 cooperates with the Skilled Crafts project, implemented by GIZ in Jordan, to help Vocational Training Institutes and public employment offices to provide better career guidance for youth seeking employment.

The project will pilot career guidance and counselling (CGC) curricula and manuals. These materials will assist staff at training institutes and employment offices to clarify job seekers’ aims and aspirations, help them understand their strengths, make decisions, commit to action, and manage career transitions.

The project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Labour, Vocational Training Corporation (VTC), National Employment and Training Company (NET), LOYAC, Luminus, and Education for Employment – Jordan. The cooperation will double its impact by offering CGC training to 1,000 beneficiaries from the partner institutions.

Both projects consider the cooperation an excellent opportunity to offer quality training for a significant number of participants.

 Creating A Better Working Environment for Youth and Women

Qudra 2 supports employers hiring job seekers to provide a supportive environment at the workplace. The programme recently held six exchange sessions where representatives from over 100 private sector enterprises (e.g., Hikma Pharmaceuticals, the Jordanian National Commission for Women, the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Zain, Ministry of Labour, Social Security Corporation) participated. Specific topics of discussion included “decent work”, “becoming an employer of choice for youth”, and “creating a better working environment for women.” Through these sessions, enterprises were exposed to best practices related to human resource management with a specific focus on induction of youth into companies and building a supportive working environment to increase employee retention.