Better access to income-generating opportunities through technical and life skills training

The Qudra 2 programme and its local partner, Education for Employment – Jordan (EFE-Jordan), are training 900 Jordanian and Syrian youth in various sectors. This initiative addresses youth unemployment by providing Jordanian and Syrian youth with access to income-generating opportunities through market-driven technical and life skills training.

Different sectors, such as hospitality, day-care, plumbing and electrical installation, are targeted through four main tracks.

The first track focuses on upskilling 200 employed youth with soft skills and advanced sector-specific technical training to help them retain their jobs and advance their careers.

The second track directly supports 500 underprivileged, unemployed youth to find high-quality, formal employment through market-driven, sector-specific technical training followed by job matching in the private sector.

The third track focuses on helping 100 youth enter the gig economy by offering them market-driven technical training in specified sectors, focusing on freelance online work.

Lastly, 100 youth will be provided with entrepreneurship training, start-up tool kits, and employment counselling to help them launch their home-based businesses and micro-enterprises.

All classes aim to increase students’ capacity and empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to find meaningful work and maintain their jobs or generate income from home, creating economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.

So far, 549 Jordanian and Syrian (149) youth have been identified for support. 202 youth are enrolled in the classes, and 176 (Jordanian and Syrian) have already graduated.

As a result of the training, 62 beneficiaries (28 men and 34 women) were placed in various companies, including, amongst others, Care International, Abu Khader Group, Mercy Corps, Norwegian Refugee Council, and Digital Planet.