Iraq – Kick-Off for Hands-on training for a better future in Central Iraq

In Central Iraq, Qudra 2 is replicating its successful approach to employment promotion in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Through private sector partnerships, the programme supports hands-on, demand-driven training in sectors such as agriculture and electrical installation. The training courses are designed and implemented together with the private sector, based on an integrated approach to employment promotion that considers both labour market supply and demand.Agriculture is a priority sector for the Government of Iraq. In CI, our local partner Al-Aghsan Foundation for Agricultural & Environment Development provides local youth in Nineveh, Anbar, and Salah Al-Din with access to employment opportunities in the sector. The overall aim is to improve the livelihood of unemployed male graduates by offering them the opportunity to work while learning to work collaboratively and independently. Private greenhouses are being rehabilitated through ploughing, planting, and equipment, while youth are trained on growing vegetables in greenhouses. The training is provided in cooperation with the University of Mosul and private sector partners such as agricultural companies, food factories, local markets, farmers, and financial institutions.

In CI, Qudra 2 also promotes employment outside the agricultural sector. In cooperation with Future Electric Company, eighty-five vulnerable youth from the host communities, refugees, IDPs, and returnees will be trained to develop the vocational skills required to access the labour market. The training covers electrical installation and control systems, grounding, and paving.