Skills Needs Analysis Demand-Led Training: What the Labour Market Needs

A newly published skills needs analysis conducted by Enabel provides an overview of employment trends in the semi-skilled level within Jordan and seeks to identify focus areas for future training programmes. The report presents key contextual findings in relation to in-demand priority sectors and vocations in the middle, north and south regions of Jordan, as well as in the Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps. The assessment also explores employment and demand shifts in targeted areas considering COVID-19, its effect on vocational sectors, and challenges of involving the private sector in Work Based Learning.

A thorough desk review of investment, trade and labour market-related data, as well as primary data collection from virtual semi-structured Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) ensured a robust methodology. Seventeen key stakeholders, representing government institutions, vocational training institutions (VTIs), donors and business associations, as well as 31 private sector companies from different sectors were interviewed.
Employment opportunities are mainly concentrated in the capital Amman, followed by the northern region and the south.
The study suggests selection of the following priority sectors for future training programmes: agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail sale and tourism.

In the Zaatari refugee camp, caravan and car maintenance, electrical and heater maintenance, carpentry/ decoration and soap production have been identified as recommended sectors with employment potential.

The Azraq refugee camp itself demonstrates very limited employment opportunities however, opportunities are available outside the camp in sectors such as agriculture and garment manufacture.

The report will be disseminated to inform decisions related to the design and implementation of appropriate vocational training programmes to be implemented by training providers and VET stakeholders.

Download the report here