International Youth Day celebrated despite COVID-19 challenges

The Qudra 2 programme offers structured extracurricular sports and cultural activities for children and young people to foster quality education and social cohesion. S4D employs proven educational methods to promote physical and mental development of children and young people, including disadvantaged and disabled youth. Coaching local trainers, physical education teachers and community workers sensitizes them to the diverse options for development that sport supports. Equipped with this knowledge, facilitators can use sports activities to promote social competencies and life skills.

As part of the cooperation between the Qudra 2 programme and the GIZ’s Sport for Development (S4D) project, a sport event was jointly organized by GIZ, teachers and youth leaders to celebrate International Youth Day in Jordan on 12 August 2020.
The event showcased the importance of youth engagement, health, and leisure time activities to promote social competencies and life skills.

Three smaller sessions – hosted in parallel at different locations to ensure compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures – attracted, entertained, and educated 46 children with fun activities and reflection sessions. The activities included a football tournament, sport parkours, and ultimate frisbee, among others. Reflection sessions between children and activity facilitators after each event supported the development of social skills amongst participating children and youth.