Fashioning futures for women and youth

Armed conflict and violence increase the number of widowed women who have to take on the responsibility to earn a living that enables them to support their families and take care of their children. Finding a job and claiming their independence is often an unforgiving struggle for these vulnerable women.

With the support of Qudra 2, 15 vulnerable women from female-headed households successfully completed the first training course at Kurd Moda company in Raparin, Sulaymaniyah, KRI. All 15 women are now employed at the company to produce professionally designed women clothes and personal protective equipment and are now able to support themselves and their children.

Many youths face a similar situation as they struggle to gain access to the labour market.

With Qudra 2 support, 45 unemployed youth, mostly vulnerable women from the Daratoo, Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) participated in practical skills training sessions, provided by Medical World Factory, on the industrial production of urgently needed personal protective equipment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

This training takes these unemployed youth one step closer to integration in the labour market and some economic freedom.