Jordan – EFE-Jordan and Qudra 2 promote hiring local freelancers

Education for Employment
With the support of Qudra 2, Education for Employment – Jordan (EFE-Jordan), in collaboration with the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j), hosted a workshop from 21 to 23 June for 30 private sector companies to promote the benefits of hiring local freelancers and guide them on how to utilise the various platforms available online.

EFE-Jordan and int@j work together to identify needs in the ICT sector on the supply side (labour force) and demand-side (private companies). Based on the collaboration, EFE-Jordan has trained youth on e-marketing, data entry and similar skills. The workshop, offered by int@j, trained ICT companies on how to manage remote workers. Both EFE-Jordan and int@j observed the need to enhance employers’ capacities to hire freelancers and manage remote workers.

Amina Alomari, a project coordinator at Galaxy Organisation, participated in the workshop and had the following to say, “with the COVID-19 pandemic, the culture of hiring freelancers grew in the Jordanian labour market; however, it is not always easy to find qualified local freelancers. During the workshop, we were introduced to the best platforms to hire freelancers, as well as the pros and cons of hiring freelancers, thus better understanding how the gig economy works”.

EFE-Jordan has partnered with the Qudra 2 programme to address youth unemployment in Jordan by providing access to income-generating opportunities for youth through market-driven technical and life skills training.