Gender-Sensitive Media Coverage

Media plays a vital role as a source of information and shaper of opinion. Yet, women’s voices are often underrepresented, and content production continues to perpetuate gender stereotypes. Coverage of violence against women is often insensitive and sensationalist. Therefore, sometimes media are intentionally or unintentionally harming women when covering such critical and sensitive topics.

In this context, CFI medias conducted two workshops on Gender Sensitive Media Coverage to improve journalists’ skills and knowledge concerning the guidelines they should abide by when covering women related issues.

The first workshop took place face to face on 2-3 December 2020. Alia Awada conducted the second workshop, online, from 27-29 January 2021.

During the workshops, Ms Awada sought to improve participants’ understanding of sex, gender, and gender-based violence concepts and provided information about women’s rights and international agreements.  She provided participants with practical guidance on producing gender-sensitive media coverage and content on most vulnerable women and girls and technical advice on how to challenge the stereotypical image of women in digital and traditional media. The participants were trained to communicate with women and girls surviving gender-based violence (GBV) by using the “do no harm” principle, which is also one of the guiding principles of Qudra 2.